Duration: ca. 7 min.
First Performance: February 2008, Marcel Worms
Written on the request of Marcel Worms

I see the blues not so much as a style, but rather as a language. A language which by now is no longer per se associated with suffering and melancholy, but which is extremely plastic and thereby has been able to adapt within the most diverse genres: boogie-woogie, rock ‘n roll, swing, gospel, soul, funk, R&B, cool jazz, etc. In Blues on a Bright Background (note the title’s ambiguous meaning) I tried to combine the language of the blues with the lively, uplifting character of a bright swing. Besides, I wanted to express the plastic aspect of the blues language. Thus, the music transforms quickly from virtuoso blues and boogie-woogie licks in the vein of people like Otis Spann, Jimmy Yancey and Oscar Peterson to funky moments to wild unisono passages, but there are also echoes of, for instance, Ives, Nancarrow and Stravinsky. Although the spirit of the blues is never far away, there are a few moments in which the music seems to want to take a completely different direction...

See the composer play the piece here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-lFysTgrno